Wonderful Hair Extensions Ltd (WH) has had extensive knowledge within the hair industry for over 30 years and is an innovator in the field of hair extensions, cold fusion technology and hair care. We are a reputable, well-known brand therefore recognizable to clients. We take great pleasure working with top salons and session stylists across the UK.

We have laboratories across the globe who are committed to developing and pursing the best methods and techniques to produce and apply hair extensions. In addition we supply and bond our hair in the UK at our Wonderful Hair Extension HQ, making our services unique and tailor made to the requests of our clients.

Our Cold fusion technology and our training courses have placed us at the top of the UK hair extension industry. The combination of our system, techniques and products will ensure the best results for your clients and most importantly, maintain the integrity of the original hair structure.

All Wonderful Hair Extensions clients have a dedicated account manager offering support and technical advice whenever required.

There are many ways to incorporate WH into your salon; read on to discover more about our WH products and services and how Wonderful Hair Extensions can work with you and your salon!


Our Wonderful Hair Extensions cold fusion system is light weight, compact and utilises a hand held applicator that is designed to apply and mould the small shave V-Shaped keratin bond to the hair.

The WH cold fusion system excels in its versatility, speed and precision. Our 100% high quality hair extensions are designed to be applied as single bonds, meaning partial as well as full placements can be maid easily, efficiently and accurately.

A single bond can be applied in undertow seconds and a fully trained technician can complete a full head of extensions in less than 90 minutes. This places the WH cold fusion system at the fore front of the UK hair industry.

Advantages of Cold Fusion Technology:

  • No  damage to clients natural hair
  • Only takes 90 minutes for a  full application
  • No mixing with natural hair and therefore quick and easy to remove
  • No rolling of bonds required
  • Works with flat bonds to guarantee clients comfort, and undetectable placements.

Note: Wonderful Hair cold fusion system can be purchased without the need to participate in WH training courses. All that we request is a recent copy of certification confirming you have previously been trained in cold fusion. 

Training through the Wonderful Hair Academy will allow your salon to reap the phenomenal financial benefits of hair extensions within no time. You can literally pay off the cold fusion system and training within 4/5 full head applications. CALL US to discuss the cost to profit ratio.